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This item can be delivered within Slovenia only. For further information please contact us on eshop@soline.si.

The pace of modern life is very stressful for our body. Moreover, we are also exposed to daily environmental pollution from the water, air and food, which has a negative effect on our body. If the body is exposed to such influences for longer periods of time, this can lead to the development of diseases. Therefore, we recommend that you relax your body and soul before it is too late.

The programme includes:

1 x admission to the Thalasso Spa
1 x bath in brine – group service
1 x body scrub with sea salt with essential oil - Rose
1 x anti-stress head and back massage
1 x gift

The programme is carried out during a 4-hour visit at the Thalasso Spa.

Projekt SOLJKE

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