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This item can be delivered within Slovenia only. For further information please contact us on eshop@soline.si.

Our body is highly stressed perhaps as a result of an improper diet or a very stressful lifestyle, therefore it is not able to eliminate current harmful metabolites. Insufficient movement and a poor posture can lead to the blockage of the lymph vessels, which causes these substances to accumulate and act locally on the tissues. Our packages are used to facilitate the elimination of harmful substances, primarily through the skin and lungs, and to improve circulation, which invigorates the entire body. Our detox programmes will relax you and strengthen your immune system.

The programme includes:

1 x admission to the Thalasso Spa
1 x bath in brine – group service
1 x body scrub with sea salt
1 x salt-pan mud wrap – large
1 x classic massage 40 min

The programme is carried out during a 4-hour visit at the Thalasso Spa.

Projekt SOLJKE

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