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The brush, with its extra soft natural bristles, is suitable for daily massage and gentle facial cleansing. Dry facial brushing helps speed up blood circulation, remove dead skin, and stimulate our lymphatic system preparing the skin for further care. With regular use, your skin will be firmer, more radiant, and smoother. 

How to use: Dry facial brushing is recommended in the morning or evening on clean, dry skin. Starting at the neck, brush in gentle downward strokes to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Then move to the face, brushing in short circular strokes from the centre outwards towards the hairline. After brushing, rinse your face with water and continue with facial care as needed. 

Caution: Dry brushing is not suitable for sensitive skin and for eczema, rosacea, and acne. Always use light pressure when brushing, being especially careful around the eye area.

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