May Product of the Month: Home Fragrance Aqua Maris 150 mL

03.05.2024 / Section Offers News

On the salt pans in May, we wake up to a symphony of exceptional natural aromas; the delicate scents of May flowers, the freshness of the morning dew and the warming winds, slowly bringing that familiar smell of salt. Similarly, the Aqua Maris home fragrance subtly brings the delicate summer aromas we all crave into our living spaces. For the month of May only, you can get it at a special 20% promotional discount.

With the new year, we have added room fragrances to our Lepa Vida natural beauty product line. We offer two scents, one captured in the maris sal scented candle and the other in the aqua maris home fragrance.

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These are carefully selected fragrances that embody the mesmerising scent of the sun-drenched shallows of the sea and take our minds back to long summer walks along the Mediterranean coast, where delicate citrus notes mingle with the scent of the sea.

The aqua maris home fragrance is more than just a scent, it is an experience - an invitation to relax, when in moments of calm we can forget all the stresses of the day. By gently emitting a refreshing scent, it fills the room with a special freshness, cleanses the mind, and uplifts the spirit. The intensity of the scent is easily controlled by adding or removing the included wooden sticks.

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What sets aqua maris apart from other room fragrances is not only its enchanting scent but also its appearance. We added handmade sea salt crystals in an elegant 150 ml bottle and carefully poured the fragrance over them. The room fragrance is made with the same dedication that marks our 700-year tradition of handcrafting sea salt and thus exemplifies the essence of our heritage.

We are delighted to offer you a 20% discount on this stunning fragrance during May. It's our way of bringing a touch of the seashore into your home and celebrating with you the joyful time when spring slowly begins to turn into summer.

Enrich your ambience with the subtle luxury of aqua maris and let us take you to the sunny seashore and bring moments of pure peace to your everyday life.


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