June product of the month - Salt with Herbs for Fish 75 g

31.05.2023 / Section

The summer months are coming, a time for the beach, sun, sea, and summer holidays. This is the time of year when gatherings and picnics with friends come to the fore, and where delicious food is always a priority. What better way to celebrate summer than by preparing delicious seafood delicacies that you can proudly place on the table in front of your family or friends?

That's why in June, we have decided to offer you our premium salt and spice mix for fish as our product of the month. It will make your fish specialities much easier to prepare and the taste of the dishes themselves is sure to be delicious.

5532 začimbna sol za ribe

The blend consists of our handmade traditional unrefined sea salt and 11% herbs. These include rosemary, black pepper, lemon grass, parsley leaves, and carefully grated dried lemon peel. Practically everything that fish cooking requires. Adding a pinch of salt flower to the fish on the plate after it has finished cooking will make your dish absolutely divine. 


5424 solni cvet 250gr T

Projekt SOLJKE

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