February product of the month: Gift Set Brine - Aqua Madre

01.02.2024 / Section Offers News

Do you already use our brine?

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In February, we have decided to offer you our Gift Set Brine - Aqua Madre as our Product of the Month at a special 20% promotional discount. The set contains a cotton massage glove and our brine in a convenient 200 ml container. Using the massage glove ensures an effective start to your body care routine by stimulating blood circulation and preparing your skin for further pampering with Lepa Vida salt-pan beauty products. It is intended for use on wet skin.

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Brine is known as Aqua Madre, or mother of all waters, and has been produced for centuries in the crystallisation fields of the Sečovlje salt pans. It is seawater that has undergone natural concentration processes to the point where it can form crystals of the precious Piran Salt, one of the tastiest and most sought-after table salts. The evaporation of seawater increases the content of all the minerals naturally present in the sea, which enriches the brine into a veritable treasure trove of natural active ingredients. These help the normal functioning of the skin and maintain its radiant appearance and natural pH.

After using our exquisite salt shower body bars, apply a small amount of brine directly to damp body skin and massage the brine into the body using gentle circular movements. In addition, the brine can also be used as a facial toner, as in addition to baths, it is also excellent for tooth and gum care and much more.

Allow the essence of the sea to nourish and pamper you all year round.


Pampering the body, caressing the soul.

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