Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for purchasing goods and services

1. General provisions

1.1. These Terms and conditions for purchasing goods and services (hereinafter referred to as: Terms and conditions) set out the terms and conditions related to purchasing and selling goods and services performed by the company SOLINE Pridelava soli d.o.o., Seča 115, SI-6320 Portorož (hereinafter referred to as: the Company or SOLINE).

1.2. SOLINE proposes that users print out these Terms and conditions or store them on a suitable and owned durable medium before or, at the latest, upon the conclusion of the contract for purchasing goods or services.

1.3. Company ID:

Registered name: SOLINE Pridelava soli d.o.o

Company headquarters: Seča 115, SI-6320 Portorož

Company registration number: 1385395000

Tax number: 61587858

ID for VAT SI61587858

Phone number: +386 (0)5 672 13 30

Fax number: +386 (0)5 672 13 31

E-mail address: #EM#65726a6c744575686460646e227e67#EM#

Website: www.soline.si

2. Definitions

2.1. The User defined in these Terms and conditions is a (legal or natural) person using the process of concluding a contract, i.e. the (potential) buyer of goods and services of the Company pursuant to these Terms and conditions.

2.2. A Consumer is any natural person obtaining or using the goods for a purpose that is not a part of its gainful, business or professional activity. 

2.3. Other terms used in these Terms and conditions have the meanings set out in the valid Consumer Protection Act and bylaws adopted based on the said Act. 

3. Purchase of goods and services

3.1. The essential properties of the goods or services are listed in the description of the individual goods or services.

3.2. All prices of goods and services are listed in € and include VAT, unless explicitly defined otherwise. SOLINE reserves the right to change the price of their goods, unless otherwise stated in each individual sales offer (discounts, bonuses, gifts, etc.). Discounts are mutually exclusive or apply as set out in each individual sales offer.

3.3. Due to the fact that prices are rounded up to two or more decimal places, the amount set out in the invoice can differ from the final price by up to two cents.

3.4. The Seller must issue an invoice for the delivery of goods or services to the Buyer. The Buyer must take the invoice and keep it until leaving the business premises.

3.5. The deadline for special sales offers (discounts, bonuses, gifts, etc.), which can differ from one another, are set out in each individual sales offer. 

3.6. In terms of the conditions for the delivery of goods and implementation of the service, and the deadline for delivering goods or implementing the services, SOLINE is considered to have complied with their obligation immediately or no later than within 30 days of concluding the contract, unless the parties have agreed otherwise or if individual sales offer for goods and services state otherwise. 

3.7. Any additional costs related to ordering goods or services (the costs of sending goods, etc.) are set out in the framework of each individual sales offer, and the User will be informed of them before completing and placing the order.

3.8. The pictures of goods may be symbolic; therefore, they do not always reflect the actual state of goods.

3.9. As the Seller, SOLINE must provide the Buyer with suitable goods or render a service, and is also responsible for any lack of conformity of goods or service as well as material errors in the fulfilment of this obligation in accordance with the contract. In terms of the responsibility for lack of conformity of the goods or services, the provisions of the act governing the rights of consumers when it comes to the provision, sale or other forms of marketing goods and services by a company shall apply for consumers. In terms of the responsibility for material defects when it comes to contracts concluded with users who are not consumers, the provisions of the act governing contractual obligations shall apply.

4. Distance purchasing of goods and services, and the purchasing of goods and services outside the business premise 

4.1. These Terms and conditions also set out the terms for the distance purchasing and selling goods and services, and for purchasing and selling goods and services outside the business premises, performed by SOLINE. 

4.2. A distance contract is concluded between SOLINE and the User based on organised distance selling or the service performance system without the simultaneous physical presence of contracting parties. This organised distance sale or service performance system is managed by SOLINE. For the purpose of concluding the contract and up to the moment the contract is concluded, SOLINE shall only use distance means of communication (eg. letters and other printed materials, catalogues, phone conversations, advertising in printed media with an order form, television shopping, SMS, e-mail, and the world wide web (i.e. the Internet)). 

4.3. SOLINE and the User shall regulate their mutual rights and obligations arising from the distance purchase of goods and services and the purchase of goods outside of the business premises using these Terms and conditions, which are a component part of the contract concluded at a distance or outside of the business premises. 

4.4. Before concluding a contract at a distance or outside the business premises, the User must become familiar with the content of these Terms and conditions. By concluding the contract, the User shall confirm their agreement with the rights and obligations arising from these Terms and conditions. 

4.5. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to all ways of purchasing SOLINE goods and services remotely and outside the business premises performed by SOLINE, unless these Terms and Conditions explicitly provide otherwise for an individual method of purchase.

4.6. Before concluding a contract at a distance or outside of the business premises, the User must agree that the confirmation of their order or purchase of a service shall immediately initiate the performance of the contract, which must, in no event, be performed later than the 14-day notice period set out in valid Consumer Protection Act. 

4.7. If the User disagrees with the content of these Terms and conditions, they are not entitled to conclude a contract at a distance or outside of the business premises. 

4.8. The purchase of products in the online shop is deemed by SOLINE to be a method of concluding a contract at a distance or outside of the business premises. 

5. Methods of purchasing goods and services in the online shop 

5.1. General provisions

5.1.1. The online shop is an information system intended to present and sell goods and services. The owner and manager of the online shop is SOLINE.

SOLINE and the User shall use these Terms and conditions to regulate their mutual rights and obligations when it comes to purchasing goods and services at a distance and outside of the business premises. Other provisions related to the mutual rights and obligations are also set out in the document "Additional provisions for purchasing goods and services in the online shop" (hereinafter referred to as: Provisions of the online shop), published on the website of SOLINE.

5.1.2. If the User uses the online shop, they are considered to have accepted these Terms and conditions. The User must express their agreement with these Terms and conditions by explicitly ticking a box in the input field during the process of performing a purchase in the online shop. Failing that, the User will not be able to complete a purchase in the online shop. SOLINE suggests that the Buyer prints out these Terms and conditions, or stores them on a suitably durable medium.

5.1.3. SOLINE has not examined all the websites connected to the website hosting the online shop, and shall therefore not be held liable for the content of any external or other party connected to it in any way. The risk and responsibility when it comes to links leading to other websites shall be borne exclusively by the User.

5.1.4. The User is also responsible for access to their user account, and must make sure that their user data and passwords are stored securely.

5.1.5. In the process of payment by means of a payment card, the user is redirected to the bank's authorisation server, where they enter the payment cedra details and where purchases are authorised. The condition for payment by means of a payment card is that it allows on-line payment, which the user can check with the bank issuing the card. At the same time, the method of authenticating purchases in accordance with the applicable legislation depends on the bank issuing the payment card.

5.1.6. The User guarantees that all information provided is accurate and true and shall be responsible for the damage incurred due to inaccurate and false information.

5.2. Data protection and processing

5.2.1. By registering and/or purchasing in the online shop without registration, the user allows the company to collect and use the data entered during registration or when purchasing in the online shop without registration (hereinafter: purchase in the online shop). Upon registration or purchase in the e-shop, the individual’s personal data, provided by the user or buyer on the online shop website and collected as part of purchases of goods or services, is processed.

5.2.2. Personal data of registered users and buyers is processed by the company SOLINE as data controller in accordance with these terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy where you can obtain more information on data processing. 

5.2.3. In the event that a user who is a business entity (i.e. not a consumer) does not specify differently, his data (including personal data) is used for the purposes of marketing the company's services in the highest possible range permitted by applicable law.

5.3. Payment methods and means of payment

5.3.1. When performing a purchase in the online shop, the User can choose between the following payment methods and means of payment.

Debit card

If the User selects the option of paying with a debit card, they must select the card that they wish to perform the purchase with. The card must enable the option of online shopping. The User must enter their debit card number and the date of its validity.

Cash on delivery

If the User selects the option of cash on delivery, the purchase price will be paid at the time of delivery of the goods. Payment cash on delivery is possible only for Slovenia.


If the User selects the option to pay through PayPal, they must first create a PayPal user account. The purchase price shall be deducted from the PayPal account of the User, and the PayPal provider shall inform the User of the payment confirmation using the e-mail address entered by the User upon the registration of their PayPal account. For more information on how to use the PayPal payment method, please visit paypal.com.

5.3.2. The costs associated with the use of the selected payment method or means of payment shall be calculated pursuant to the conditions and price lists of the providers of each individual payment method or means of payment. 

5.3.3. If SOLINE invoices the costs for the use of a certain payment method or means of payment, the conditions and prices for the said operation are set out in the document "Provisions of the online shop".

5.3.4. If the User selects the option of paying with a debit card, they undertake to pay the purchase price of the goods using another of the proposed means of payment within 5 days of receiving a demand for payment by the Company, if the payment with a debit card proves unsuccessful for any reason.

5.3.5. The debit card information entered by the User who wishes to select the payment method with a debit card shall be transferred (in a coded format) from the computer of the User directly to the authorisation server of the bank.

5.3.6. In the event of non-payment or incomplete payment, the Company has the right to withdraw from the contract pursuant to the applicable legislation.

5.3.7. Prices apply at the time that the User submits their order. The prices only apply in the event of payment using the a fore mentioned payment methods and means of payment  and pursuant to the conditions applicable for the online shop.

5.4. Concluding contracts or confirming orders

5.4.1. Should the User fail to complete the mandatory entry fields, the system automatically detects an error and notifies the user before completing the order.

5.4.2. As a rule, the purchase of goods and services is concluded when the user of the online shop receives an e-mail confirmation of the order, unless the terms and conditions for each individual offer explicitly state otherwise. 

5.4.3. The Terms and conditions for purchasing goods and services, as well as the confirmation of the ordered goods or services, shall be sent to the e-mail address that the User is registered to e-shop or e-mail address entered upon nonregistration. The User must either print the confirmation and the Terms and conditions, or save them on a suitable durable medium. 

5.5. Delivery of goods

5.5.1. After submitting the order, the User will receive the order confirmation, including the list of the goods ordered, by e-mail. This document also includes the order number that the User can refer to when contacting the Company. The order confirmation also includes the phone number and e-mail address of SOLINE that the User can contact in case of any questions related to their order.

5.5.2. The package delivery shall be performed by contractual partners of SOLINE. The deadlines, methods and costs of delivery are set out in the document "Provisions of the online shop". 

5.5.3. If the consignment is to be accepted by another person who is not a registered user, this can only be made possible upon presentation of a certified authorisation and identification of the recipient using a valid ID document. The business partner of SOLINE is entitled to copy the information set out on the ID document. 

6. Right of withdrawal from the contract 

6.1. Within 14 days of receiving the goods, the User is entitled to notify the Company that they are withdrawing from the contract, without having to state a reason for their decision. They can communicate the said decision by sending an e-mail to #EM#65726a6c744575686460646e227e67#EM#

6.2. The User can provide their notification of withdrawal from the contract using an unambiguous statement clearly indicating that the User is withdrawing from the contract; alternatively, the User can fill in the Form for the withdrawal from a contract by a consumer (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 139/2022) available online. We recommend that the Consumer issues their notification in writing, since they are the ones carrying the burden of proof related to their exercise of the right of withdrawal.

6.3. The User is deemed to have provided the withdrawal statement in a timely manner if the withdrawal statement is sent in a written form within the deadline set out for withdrawal from a contract.

6.4. The User must return the goods to the Company within 14 days of their written notification on the withdrawal from the contract, whereby the direct costs of the return of the goods shall be covered by the User (i.e. the Buyer). A copy of the document proving the identity of the goods and the buyer, which was enclosed during the delivery of the said goods, must also be enclosed. The Consumer shall be held responsible for the decrease in value of the goods, if the said decrease in value is a consequence of an action that is not required in order to determine the nature, properties and functioning of the goods, which is why we recommend that users return unused and undamaged goods, unchanged in quantity and still in their original packaging (the latter is important in order to protect the goods from being damaged in the process of returning the goods to the SOLINE company).

6.5. The decrease in value of goods that have been used (whereby the said use exceeded the limit of any tests performed in order to determine the nature, properties and functioning of the goods) amounts to a certain percentage of the regular retail price of goods on the day the goods were purchased. If the goods had been damaged due to an action of the User (e.g. if the goods or a component of a sales kit are damaged, changed in quantity or quality, or returned in non-original or damaged packaging), SOLINE is entitled to require the User to pay an indemnity for the entire damage caused to the goods, pursuant to the core principles of liability for damages. The amount of the liability of the User for the payment for the decrease in value of goods can be equal to the amount of the full, regular retail price of the goods on the date of purchase of said goods, considering the scope of the decrease in value.

6.6. SOLINE shall reimburse the User for all payments performed as soon as possible, but in no event later than within 14 days of receiving the notification of withdrawal from the contract. When it comes to sales contracts, SOLINE can suspend the reimbursement of the received payments until it receives the returned goods, or until the User presents the Company with proof that the goods have actually been sent back to the Company. 

6.7. SOLINE shall return to the consumer the payments received using the same means of payment as initially used by the consumer, unless the consumer has explicitly agreed to use another means of payment and if the consumer does not bear any costs as a result.

6.8. If the user withdraws from the service contract after the service has already started to be performed but before the end of the notice period, based on the explicit and prior consent of the user indicating that the user waives the right to withdraw from the contract after the company completely fulfils the contract, the user shall pay to the Company a sum that is proportionate to the services that have been performed until the day that the Company was informed of the user's withdrawal from the contract. In this case, the said proportionate part is calculated considering the total value of the service contract. In the case of withdrawal from the contract on the purchase of leased quantities of services, the used services shall be invoiced to the user in terms of the applicable price list of the said services available on-line and at other points of sale of SOLINE.. 

6.9. The address for returning goods: SOLINE Pridelava soli d.o.o., Seča 115, SI-6320 Portorož, "vračilo e-trgovina".

6.10. The User does not have the right to withdraw from contracts concerning: 

- goods produced according to precise instructions of the User and adapted to their individual needs; 

- the provision of services, if the Company fulfills the contract in its entirety and if the provision of services has begun based on the explicit prior consent of the User who also agreed that they shall lose the right to withdraw from the contract if the said contract is entirely fulfilled by the Company, 

- the delivery of sealed goods that cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons, if the Consumer broke the seal after delivery.

- perishable goods or goods with an imminent date of expiry. 

7. Complaints

7.1. The User can issue a complaint or comment, claim or statement regarding the purchase of goods and services within the deadlines and in a manner set out by the applicable legislation. 

7.2. The User must submit their complaint by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address for receiving complaints: #EM#652c716b6b7546746765636569237d66#EM#.

7.3. In the case of a claim filed by a user and related to warranties provided by SOLINE in terms of material defect or lack of conformity of the goods, the user must also enclose the goods and all accompanying documents..

7.4. The process of resolving complaints will take place pursuant to the provisions of the applicable legislation.

7.5. SOLINE does not recognise any of the contractors performing the extra-judicial resolution of consumer disputes as authorised to resolve a consumer dispute that a consumer could raise pursuant to the Out-of-Court Settlement of the Consumer Disputes Act. 

8. Limitation of liability

8.1. SOLINE will undertake its best endeavours to provide exact and updated information on its website. However, the Company would like to inform the User that the texts are of a purely informative nature, which is why the Company does not provide any guarantees for their accuracy and currency, and does not assume any liability related to it. In addition, SOLINE also does not assume any liability in terms of the actions performed by users based on the published information.

8.2. SOLINE is not responsible for the occasional malfunctioning of the site, and are also not responsible for any damages incurred due to the use of inaccurate or false information. Neither SOLINE nor any other legal or natural person who participated in the creation and preparation of the website shall be held liable for damages arising from access to information, the use or inability to use information set out on this website, or any errors or omissions in their content.

8.3. SOLINE reserves the right to change or remove the content of the website at any time, regardless of the reason, and without prior warning. The users must use the published content at their own risk. SOLINE shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages or loss of information that could occur when using or reading websites that are not owned by SOLINE. The User is entirely independent and wholly responsible for choosing other websites that they can connect to through this website.

9. Copywright

9.1. The content of the website is subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property protection, and the owner of the said copyright and other intellectual property rights is SOLINE. In addition to text and data, copyright-protected content and content protected through other intellectual property rights also include the entire graphic design of the website, including all graphic elements.

9.2. Any other way of using the content, which includes changing, copying, publishing a part of any content or the content in its entirety on any other website, is prohibited, unless explicitly allowed by the operator in writing. 

10. Final provisons 

10.1. These Terms and conditions shall enter into force on 26/1/2023 for users purchasing goods or services after that date.

10.2. The Terms and conditions published on 15/03/2021 shall cease to apply on the date of entry into force of these Terms and conditions.

10.3. These Terms and conditions are available on the website of SOLINE. 

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