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Large crystals of sea salt, traditionally produced in the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park.

Salt bath - a ritual for relaxation and skin care

This salt combines the warmth of the sun, the liveliness of the sea and the assiduity of the saltworker. It only takes one bath to experience the elasticity of the body, the relaxation of the spirit and the softness of the skin.

People have always known the positive effects of baths, especially salt baths. The bath is perhaps one of the most proper ways to relax and soothe, which unfortunately we rarely afford ourselves in modern life. Unlike a shower, a bath offers more than just to clean ourselves. Warm water relaxes muscles, deepens breathing and chases away the spirit of restlessness, and also has a beneficial effect on our skin. Salt baths, unlike fresh water, do not dry out the skin, so they are especially suitable for fragile and dry skin. The salt from the Sečovlje salt pans is rich in many elements, among which magnesium stands out due to its regenerative and detoxifying effects.

The product is 100% natural and does not contain any additives.

Usage and tips:

Fill the bathtub with water of the desired temperature (not more than 38 °C). Add a handful of salt and stir to dissolve the salt crystals. Soak in the bath for up to 30 minutes. If necessary, rinse the skin after the bath. To increase the relaxing effect of the salt bath, wrap yourself in a warm blanket or towel after bathing for at least another 30 minutes. We recommend up to two salt baths a week. The salt bath has an anti-stress and relaxing effect and thus helps us fall asleep easier and sleep better, so we especially recommend it at the end of a busy day.


People with a weakened cardiovascular system should consult their doctor before using the product.

Maris Sal

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