Salt is the sea that could not return to the sky

Piran Salt with Protected Designation of Origin 500g

Piran salt with the designation of origin, this precious product of the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, is the result of restless winds, warm sun, and the hardworking salt pan workers. It is made manually, according to traditional methods dating back more than 700 years. The key process involves natural crystallisation in the Park’s salt fields that are protected by petola – a valuable bio sediment substrate made up of minerals and microorganisms. The Piran salt with the designation of origin is light, rich in sea minerals, and has an exquisite taste, supplemented by the parent water caught within the crystals.

In linen bag with a description in Slovenian, Italian, English, German, French and Russian languages.

    5005 piranska sol označba porekla

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